Please read all these terms and conditions / Privacy Policy

          As we can accept your order and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you, you must read these terms and conditions to make sure that they contain all that you want and nothing that you are not happy with. If you are not sure about anything, just phone us on 0203 291 3193 or email info@balticbeautystudio.co.uk .
Terms and conditions apply each time you visit our site, Baltic Beauty Studio salon or use our services and we will assume that you have read them before you use our services.

1. These Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of the services and goods advertised in our website, catalogues, brochures or other form of advertisement by you (the Customer or You).
2. We are Baltic Beauty Studio a company registered in England and Wales under number 09723646 whose registered office is at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, England, WC1N 3AX and whose first (main) trading address is Suite 1, St.Marks Community Centre, 218 Tollgate Road, England, E6 5YA with email address info@balticbeautystudio.co.uk; telephone number 0203 291 3193; (the Supplier or us or we).
3. These are the terms on which we sell all Services to you. By ordering any of the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

4. Consumer means an individual acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside his or her trade, business, craft or profession;
5. Contract means the legally-binding agreement between you and us for the supply of the Services;
6. Site is www.balticbeautystudio.co.uk
7. Delivery Location means the Supplier’s premises or other location where the Services are to be supplied, as set out in the Order;
8. Goods means any goods that we supply to you with the Services, of the number and description as set out in the Order;
9. Order means the Customer’s order for the Services from the Supplier as set out overleaf;
10. Services means the services, including any Goods and Treatments, of the number and description set out in the Order.
11. Treatments means all and any Treatments we provide to you and includes all products used during that treatment time.
12. Client Record Card – means the record card we ask you to complete before you receive a Treatment.
13. Gift Voucher – means a voucher issued to you by us for use as a gift and is subject to these conditions

14. The description of the Services and any Goods is as set out in our website, catalogues, brochures or other form of
advertisement. Once we have acknowledged your appointment, a binding obligation will exist between each of us to keep
that appointment.
15. In the case of Services and any Goods made to your special requirements, it is your responsibility to ensure that any
information or specification you provide is accurate.
16. All Services are subject to availability.
17. We can make changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. We will
notify you of these changes.
18. Whilst we will always try to meet the exact specification we show on our Site, but you accept that it may not be possible to
use the same materials and designs which we advertise.You understand and agree that we may substitute all and any
materials and may make slight design changes to our Treatments if, in our sole opinion, we deem it appropriate and that the
Treatment is are not significantly different from that which we have advertised. You agree that such substitution will not
give rise to any claim under the agreement between us.

Customer responsibilities
19. You must co-operate with us in all matters relating to the Services, provide us and our authorised employees and representatives with access to any premises under your control as required, provide us with all information required to perform the Services and obtain any necessary licences and consents (unless otherwise agreed).
20. You warrant that all and any medical information you have given to us in relation to the Treatments we provide to you is accurate and complete.You will tell us before you undertake any Treatment of any condition from which you suffer or of any changes in your medical condition since you completed the Client Record Card which: might affect or be affected by that Treatment; or might adversely affect the person providing that Treatment. You will provide us with a complete indemnity and to hold us harmless from all and any losses we sustain if you do not comply with the provisions of this section and that will include contingent and foreseeable losses and will include all costs and expenses we incur in pursuing any claim against you. Please note that Baltic Beauty Studio Ltd always keeps the right to cancel or suspend the treatment without a reasonable notice if any of the nails or skin conditions / problems are identified before/during the treatment. Client might be advised to see the GP first and bring the letter confirming that skin / nails condition can be treated. Depending on the situation a refund for the treatment can be offered (part or full) or declined. Baltic Beauty Studio keeps the right to decide if client qualify for a refund. Unfortunately, any other clients expenses (such as traveling, babysitting expenses or etc) will not be refunded.
21. Failure to comply with the above is a Customer default which entitles us to suspend performance of the Services until you remedy it or if you fail to remedy it following our request, we can terminate the Contract with immediate effect on written notice to you.

Arrival Time
22. In order to have the best experience, we invite clients to arrive 10 minutes early for bookings to ensure there is plenty of time to check in, fill out any necessary forms and choose from the vast range of colours available. As a courtesy to all our clients a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to, late appointments may not be honoured. Treatments begun late will be shortened in consideration of the next client.
23. Please note in the event of a late arrival, we may not be able to carry out the complete treatment, you will however be charged for the full value of the treatment that was made at time of booking.

Patch Test
24. Tinting services require a patch test 24 hours prior to your first treatment; this is for your safety.
Providing no adverse reactions take place, we will be happy to treat you safely.
Please let us know if you have overly sensitive skin or any specific allergies that may be affected by our treatments or products.
We can then arrange a patch test for you to make sure you are being treated safely. You will be asked to fill out a medical
questionnaire before your treatment. This is for use by your therapist to ensure your treatment is 100% safe.
We cannot be held responsible if you do not disclose any medications or condition that may affect your treatment. Please inform
your therapist or technician of any changes in your health on subsequent visits.
If you are unsure of being able to have a particular treatment, please inform us 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Basis of Sale
25. The description of the Services and any Goods in our website, catalogues, brochures or other form of advertisement does not constitute a contractual offer to sell the Services or Goods.
26. When an Order has been made, we can reject it for any reason, although we will try to tell you the reason without delay, which must be due to running out of stock or resources, a price or description mistake, inability to obtain your payment or other genuine and fair reason.
27. We intend that these Terms and Conditions apply only to a Contract entered into by you as a Consumer where we, the Supplier and you the Customer, enter the Contract at any of the Supplier’s business premises, and where the Contract is not a contract (i) for which an offer was made by the Customer in the Supplier’s and the Customer’s simultaneous physical presence away from those premises, or (ii) made immediately after the Customer was personally and individually addressed in the Supplier’s and the Customer’s simultaneous physical presence away from those premises. If this is not the case, you must tell us, so that we can provide you with a different contract with terms which are more appropriate to you and which might, in some way, be better for you, eg by giving cancellation rights pursuant to consumer protection law. Business premises means immovable retail premises where we carry on business on a permanent basis or, in the case of movable retail premises, on a usual basis.

Group Bookings
28. Groups of 3 or more will require a 50% deposit. An invoice will be sent for the booking and once the deposit is settled the booking will be made. We will require 48 hours in order to change or cancel the booking and deposits are calculated according to each treatment.

Gift Vouchers
29. If paying with a gift voucher you must give details at time of booking. Gift vouchers must be presented at reception upon arrival for the booked treatment. Failure to attend an appointment will result in full or partial payment for your visit to be deducted from your gift voucher. We will however honour the remaining balance of the voucher for future use. Gift vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months. Baltic Beauty Studio will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged gift vouchers. Gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash or other vouchers. Change will not be given, but the balance will remain on the voucher until its expiry date.

30. Various promotional offers are run throughout the year, date and time restrictions may apply. Offers may not be used in conjunction with each other. Baltic Beauty Studio reserves the right to cancel any promotions running at any given time.

Fees and Payment
31. The fees (Fees) for each type of (if applicable) the Services, the price of any Goods (if not included in the Fees) and any additional delivery or other charges is that set out in our price list current at the date of the Order or such other price as we may agree in writing. Prices for Services may be calculated on a fixed fee or on a standard rate basis.
32. You must pay in cash or by submitting your credit or debit card details with your Order and we can take payment immediately or otherwise before delivery of the Services.
33. Please note that for certain Treatments and busy periods, your card will be charged when you make the appointment. We do not keep any information about your bank or credit cards after the order has been completed or we have returned the money you have paid us.

34. All purchases are final and we are unable to exchange or refund.

35. We will deliver the Services, including any Goods, to the Delivery Location by the time or within the agreed period or, failing
any agreement:
a) in the case of Services, within a reasonable time; and
b) in the case of Goods, without undue delay and, in any event, not more than 30 calendar days from the day on which the Contract is entered into.
36. In any case, regardless of events beyond our control, if we do not deliver the Services on time, you can require us to reduce
the Fees or charges by an appropriate amount (including the right to receive a refund for anything already paid above the reduced amount). The amount of the reduction can, where appropriate, be up to the full amount of the Fees or charges.
37. In any case, regardless of events beyond our control, if we do not deliver the Goods on time, you can (in addition to any other remedies) treat the Contract at an end if:
a) we have refused to deliver the Goods, or if delivery on time is essential taking into account all the relevant circumstances at the time the Contract was made, or you said to us before the Contract was made that delivery on time was essential; or
b) after we have failed to deliver on time, you have specified a later period which is appropriate to the circumstances and we have not delivered within that period.
Lost Property
38. We ask clients to look after their property while at Baltic Beauty Studio as we are unable to take responsibility of items left unattended.

Cancellation / No Show Policy
“39. At Baltic Beauty Studio we have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy in order to accommodate the high demand of appointments. This policy applies across the board whether booked in person, on the phone, via email or online through our website or app. We are happy to cancel or reschedule appointments, providing we have at least 24 hours notice. For the avoidance of doubt failure to notify Baltic Beauty Studio within 24 hours will result in the loss of the appointment and 100% cancellation fee or loss of a bundle item. No refunds will be given to cancelled or rescheduled bookings. Bookings with less than 24 hours notice will not be downgraded and the full value at time of booking is payable. Clients arriving more than ten minutes late for their appointments will risk loosing their appointment and being charged in full. Please note in the event of a late arrival, we may not be able to carry out the complete treatment, you will however be charged for the full value of the treatment that was made at time of booking. If we are not able to keep the appointment, we will tell you by email and give you as much notice as we can (usually 24 hours but less if we have staff illness or shortage). If we have to cancel, we will offer you the next available appointment suitable to you but will not incur any other penalty. “

Duration, termination and suspension
40. The Contract continues as long as it takes us to perform the Services.
41. Either you or we may terminate the Contract or suspend the Services at any time by a written notice of termination or suspension to the other if that other:
a) commits a serious breach, or series of breaches resulting in a serious breach, of the Contract and the breach either cannot
be fixed or is not fixed within 30 days of the written notice; or
b) is subject to any step towards its bankruptcy or liquidation.
42. On termination of the Contract for any reason, any of our respective remaining rights and liabilities will not be affected.
43. Please note we reserve the right to refuse treatments; disrespect and rudeness towards Baltic Beauty Studio staff will not be
tolerated. Baltic Beauty Studio reserve the right to amend Terms and Conditions as and when it is considered necessary to
do so. Reasonable notice will be given for this.

Circumstances beyond the control of either party
44. In the event of any failure by a party because of something beyond its reasonable control:
a) the party will advise the other properly as soon as reasonably practicable; and
b) the party’s obligations will be extended so far as is reasonable, provided that that party will act reasonably, and the party will not be liable for any failure which it could not reasonably avoid, but this will not affect the Customer’s above rights relating to delivery.

45. Rest assured that your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to maintaining the privacy of any personal information we collect from you. We do not share any of your personal information with any third party organisations and we abide by the principles of UK data protection legislation.

Excluding liability
46. We do not exclude liability for: (i) any fraudulent act or omission; or (ii) death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of the Supplier’s other legal obligations. Subject to this, we are not liable for (i) loss which was not reasonably foreseeable to both parties at the time when the Contract was made, or (ii) loss (eg loss of profit) to your business, trade, craft or profession which would not be suffered by a Consumer – because we believe you are not buying the Services and Goods wholly or mainly for your business, trade, craft or profession.

Governing law, jurisdiction and complaints
47. The Contract (including any non-contractual matters) is governed by the law of England and Wales.
48. Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales or, where the Customer lives in Scotland or Northern Ireland, in the courts of respectively Scotland or Norther Ireland.
49. Either we or our business partners and affiliates own all of the information and intellectual property on the Site and you have no right to copy or use any of that information or intellectual property other than to use the Site unless we give that right to you.
50. We try to avoid any dispute, so we deal with complaints as follows: The treatments we supply and the finishes they give can be damaged if you do not follow the instructions we give you and/or you do not take reasonable care. If you chip a nail or experience any other problems with the treatment you must tell us as soon as you can. In the event you chip your nails within three days after lacquering (four days for gel polish) please report this with a photo to info@balticbeautystudio.co.uk and if we agree with you we will offer you a free touch-up on the effected nails within seven days. Outside this period there will be a small fee, please refer to price list. We are not able to apply our treatments if you have acrylic nails or hard gel extensions and will charge the full amount of the Treatment if we are unable to provide it for these reasons. As a consumer, you have various rights by law and we will always honour those rights and nothing in these terms and conditions removes or tries to remove any of them.


Privacy Policy

Baltic Beauty Studio is the trading style of Baltic Beauty Studio Ltd (we or our) are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This policy (together with our terms of service and any other documents referred to on it) sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. By visiting www.balticbeautystudio.co.uk (our site) you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy.

For the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation, the data controller is Baltic Beauty Studio Ltd whith its registered office at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, England, WC1N 3AX.

Information we collect from you

We will collect and process the following data about you:

Information you give us

This is information about you that you give us by filling in forms on our site or by corresponding with us by phone, e-mail or otherwise. It includes information you provide when you register to use our site, subscribe to our service, place an order on our site, participate in discussion boards or other social media functions on our site, enter a competition, promotion or survey, contact customer support through chat, email and when you report a problem with our site. The information you give us may include among others your name, address, e-mail address and phone number, personal description, photograph and your date of birth and credit card information (the latter is for when booking online).

Information we collect about you

With regard to each of your visits to our site we will automatically collect the following information:

  • technical information, including the Internet protocol address used to connect your computer to the Internet, your login information, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform and currencies;
  • information about your visit, including the full uniform resource locators, clickstream to, through and from our site (including date and time), products you viewed or searched for, page response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks, and mouse-overs), methods used to browse away from the page, detailed information about usage of the system like web sessions, OS, mobile device, marketing metrics and events and any phone number used to call our customer service number.
  • Information we receive from other sources. This is information we receive about you if you use any of the other websites we operate or the other services we provide. We are working closely with third parties (including, for example, business partners, payment and delivery services, advertising networks, analytics providers (such as Google Analytics), search information providers). If necessary we will notify you when we receive information about you from them and the purposes for which we intend to use that information.
  • We use Google Analytics (a web analysis service that utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use of our site, prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services), and SumUp (a payment processing service processing payments by credit card, bank transfer or other means) which will have their own privacy policies.


Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and also allows us to improve our site. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer if you agree. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive.

We use the following cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies. These are cookies that are required for the operation of our website. They include, for example, cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of our website, use a shopping cart or make use of e-billing services.

Analytical/performance cookies. They allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around our website when they are using it. This helps us to improve the way our website works, for example, by ensuring that users are finding what they are looking for easily.

Functionality cookies. These are used to recognise you when you return to our website. This enables us to personalise our content for you, greet you by name and remember your preferences (for example, your choice of language or region).

Targeting cookies. These cookies record your visit to our website, the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. We will use this information to make our website and the advertising displayed on it more relevant to your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose.

You can block cookies by activating the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse the setting of all or some cookies. However, if you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.

Except for essential cookies, all cookies will expire after 6 months.

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit www.aboutcookies.orgor www.allaboutcookies.org.

Disclosure of your information

You agree that we have the right to share your personal information with:

Selected third parties including:

  • business partners, staff and sub-contractors for the performance of any contract we enter into with them or you;
  • analytics and search engine providers that assist us in the improvement and optimisation of our site;

We will disclose your personal information to third parties:

  • In the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, in which case we will disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets.
  • If we or substantially all of our assets are acquired by a third party, in which case personal data held by it about its customers will be one of the transferred assets.
  • If we are under a duty to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation, or in order to enforce or apply our terms of service and other agreements; or to protect our rights, property, safety, customers, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

Where we store your personal data

The data that we collect from you may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It may also be processed by staff operating outside the EEA who works for us or for one of our suppliers. This includes staff engaged in, among other things, the fulfilment of your order, the processing of your payment details and the provision of support services. By submitting your personal data, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.
All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers. Any payment transactions will be encrypted. Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password which enables you to access certain parts of our site, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you not to share a password with anyone.
Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our site; any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorised access.



Your rights

You have the right to ask us not to process your personal data for marketing purposes. We will usually inform you (before collecting your data) if we intend to use your data for such purposes or if we intend to disclose your information to any third party for such purposes. You can exercise your right to prevent such processing by checking certain boxes on the forms we use to collect your data. You can also exercise the right at any time by contacting us on info@balticbeautystudio.co.uk.
Our site may, from time to time, contain links to and from the websites of our partner networks, advertisers and affiliates. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these websites.

Access to information

The Act gives you the right to access information held about you. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with the Act.

Changes to our privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy was reviewed on 23rd May 2018.  Any changes we make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, notified to you by e-mail. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.

Access to your personal information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request to info@balticbeautystudio.co.uk.

Our Details

Our trading name is Baltic Beauty Studio which is trading style of Baltic Beauty Studio Ltd which is a company registered in England and Wales under registration 09723646 with its registered office at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, England, WC1N 3AX.